Welcome aboard, dear art / design / photography enthusiast

I am...
Ambika Sudhakaran... a passionate art lover, hobby artist and a compulsive inspiration-gatherer. Always found devouring artist entrepreneur stories, and gawking at the grand, inimitable designs in Nature, I am based in Bangalore, and also balance a 9-6 day job as a business development professional, and a sprightly little toddler at home.

I strive to... 
make this blog an authentic, celebratory and inspirational space. And hope it connects with you beautiful, free-spirited folks. 

Thank you for dropping by. 

To stay updated...
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  1. Hi Ambika! Lovely blog! Found you via Indiblogger...your art work has inspired me to pick up my art tools(which I haven't touched in a while)and do something creative. I'll be visiting more often :-)

  2. Thank you so much and I am super glad to know that you are inspired to create art too! Will drop by your blog to see your art progress.

  3. Hey.Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such wonderful and encouraging comments.I am so glad I found your blog too.It looks fantastic.

    1. Ever glad to meet like-minded folks, hope to catch up with your work often!

  4. hey i came across to ur blog on Indiblogger, ur work is superb. Really awesome, best luck for future blogs..stay connected with https://clickitab.wordpress.com

    1. Thank you Amit for these words and for dropping by!


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